Capital Area Inline Figure Skating Club




No matter the season, we're always game for some serious fun, from figure skating on cold ice to inline skating on
our Pic® Skates.  Whether you're a novice or an expert, we’ve got the gear

and the winning team you need for a real thrill!
​Train with us taking advantage of working with the Olympic coach and learning from the international team of competitors, or just join us for a weekend fun skate!

Our mission is to promote the sport of Inline Figure Skating while having fun doing what we love – SKATING!!

We train on both, ice (SCNV) and floor surfaces, often creating the routines on ice to later fine-tune and adjust to performing on hardwood or concrete floors. The Club participates in community events, such as the yearly Skate of the Union event in Washington DC area, and represents the U.S. in international competitions.​


“Competing in the international competitions over the past four years gave me an opportunity to combine all three of my passions – skating, travel, and photography!" (Aleem, Adult Skater)

“That was fun!!!”  (All members, kids and adults alike, after a Club skate!)

We would love to hear from you! 

Contact us at to join our club, participate in one of our practice sessions or exhibition events, or ask any questions you may have about Pic® Skating!​


Our gear of choice – Pic® Inline Figure Skates.  Check out the awesome video of Phyllis, the 2013 Senior Ladies World Champion performing on Pics! Created by Nick Perna and John Petell and often referred to as “skater’s skates”, Pic® Skates allow you to spin, jump, and execute the footwork otherwise only possible on ice skates.
Check out or contact them at;

(800) 882-3448 to get outfitted today!